Casting Call: Lifestyle Session

This winter I am planning on offering in-home Lifestyle Sessions. These sessions will be 2-3 hours long. I will come into you home and photograph your family being a family. Maybe you have a tradition of cooking together on the weekends, or perhaps your kids’ bedtime ritual is sacred and you want to preserve those memories. Whatever it is that makes you uniquely you, I want to capture that.

Right now I am looking for one family allow me to photograph them so I can use their images in marketing my Lifestyle Sessions. In exchange, I will give you eight gift prints and the option to buy the digital files and photo book at a discount.

If you are interested, email me (bergerondozen at yahoo dot com) and put “casting call” in the subject line. Then tell me what your idea is (pizza night,  baking together, etc). I will then choose the family that best fits my casting needs.


Focus | Bellingham Photographer

Bellingham Photographer

Apollo is four years old and the master of doing things himself. I love the focus and he concentrated on carefully undoing each button…Bellingham Photographer

And I love the look of pride on his face when he is successful.Bellingham Photographer

He was more successful than I was  this day, as I tried in vain to get photos of him with his Beads of Courage. He was determined only to wear the new string of beads. You can probably guess who won that battle!

Bellingham Photographer

Bellingham Photographer Bellingham Photographer

beads of courage


I managed to get a photo of all four strings of beads anyway. And some cute new photos of Apollo.

So I guess I won too.


Boy in the Woods {Bellingham Children’s Portraits}

bellingham portraits

What makes  a great children’s portrait? The answer varies from person to person. I’m a sucker for moody black and whites.20140916_8857 blog

And close-ups that highlight a child’s eyes.

bellingham children's portraits

I love natural, unposed shots. A ten-year-old-boy in torn jeans and converse? I love it.

bellingham children's portraits    bellingham children's portraits

bellingham children's portraits

A not-so-little boy, outside in the woods? Comfortable in his own skin. Laughing. Smiling. This is what I love to capture in children’s portraits.

Renee Bergeron

Little Earthling Photography

Bellingham Children’s Portraits



Family Photographer Bellingham {Living Large}

Family Photographer Bellingham…living large and loving photographer bellingham

I have the joy of photographing Karen and Kyle’s family every time the have a new baby…which lucky for me is every year and a half or so!20140814_5984 blog

How cute are these two???

bellingham portrait photographerLarge Family Photosbellingham family photographer family photographer bellinghambellingham photographer   bellingham lifestyle photographer   bellingham family photographer large family bellingham

These kids are happy, lively, energetic and helpful.

large family photos bellingham

And full of love for their new baby brother!

family photographer bellingham bellingham-photographer-family bellingham newborn photographer

Can you believe that head of hair? I could barely keep my hands off of it.bellingham lifestyle photographer

I love this image of boys…being boys.

bellingham lifestyle photographer

Karen and Kyle loved this photo so much from 2012, they wanted to recreate it this year…

bellingham lifestyle photographer

To see more, be sure and check out their family session from 2012!


The Superhero Project {Mila}

The Superhero Project

Mila is the latest little super hero I have had the privilege to photograph. She is stunning, playful and made me work for these photos!Mila’s mom had this to say about her:

Mila is almost 3 and has been assessed with the speech of an 18 month old child. Mila’s speech delay is caused by an oral mouth disorder (the way she moves her tongue and lips).

The Superhero Project

She has both of these issues listed below: these are physical issues, they often have a neurologic component.

Developmental apraxia of speech (DAS) — sometimes called dyspraxia of speech: Children with apraxia have trouble moving and coordinating the different parts of their mouths in order to form words.

Articulation disorders: These include lisping, leaving out consonants when speaking, and substituting one sound for another.


She currently is going to a group class to help with her speech, and is seeing a speech therapist every week. She is a very active girl who lovvvveesss horses, mermaids and dancing, along with tickling and playing with her brother Trey.   special-needs-photography special-needs-photography

The Superhero Project

The Portrey Family {Family Photographer Bellingham}

I had so much fun doing the Portrey’s family photos. Their adorable little girls are very close in age and getting them to sit still and pose was a bit of a challenge.

family photographer bellingham

I love this image….so much real life here…Millie  trying to escape, Odessa letting her voice be heard…and Mom and Dad connecting through it photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham

I am in love with Millie’s little elbow dimple!

family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham

The bond between Millie and her daddy was very apparent.

family photographer bellingham family photographer bellingham

Such sweet, sweet sisters!

You may also want to see Erica’s maternity photos and Odessa’s birth photos.

The Superhero Project {Melanie}

{The Superhero Project began the summer of 2013 when I began taking portraits of special needs kids dresses as super heros. My goal is to provide professional images of these unique children to their families. While their special needs are what brought them to the shoot, I wanted the images to capture their individual spirits.}

The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling Photography

Melanie’s mom had this to say:

Melanie is a bright and energetic 4 year old, who wakes up every day smiling. Melanie also has a diagnosis of autism, as well as epilepsy and sensory processing disorder. Even though these conditions make things a lot harder, Melanie has shown nothing but happiness and perseverance. 

The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling PhotographyThrough all the doctors, therapy and medical procedures, she has become stronger than ever and has really transformed since this time last year.

The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling PhotographyWe felt a butterfly costume would truly represent her, her changes and her personality. At home, Mel loves to dance and play the piano with her little brother. 

The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling Photography The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling Photography The Superhero Project  by special needs photographer Little Earthling PhotographyMelanie was completely captivated by her shadow!

To learn more about Melanie’s conditions check out: Autism Speaks and Epilepsy Foundation.