Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography

Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer located in Bellingham, WA.

(360) 383-7889




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  1. Suvi Häyrinen


    Absolutely love your Superhero project <3

    I'm an amateur photographer and schoolhelper for special kids from Finland and also have a same kind of project going on. Its called "Ainutlaatuiset", "Uniques" in english. Within year 2015 I'm about to photograph 12 children with special needs. Allready taken pictures of several of them and published four pictures on my facebook page.

    Nice to notice that you also see kids with special needs as superheroes 🙂

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I am also glad to hear other people are working on similar projects.

      Have a great day!


  2. Mike Levad

    Hi Rennee,

    I just read about your amazing superheroes project. I too have a super heroes project for little kids called homemade heroes. The kids make their own costumes and then I give them powers using photoshop. If you would ever like to consider collaborating I would be thrilled to help out and give these kids some super powers.!/2/Homemade_Heroes/51

    Oh and I am a WWU alumni and miss the NW. I am currently in Minneapolis.



  3. Gina

    LOVE the Superhero Project!! Came across an article on your work and it made my day. These pictures are beautiful and capture so much. Thank you for what you do and keep on keeping on 🙂 Apollo is beautiful by the way! Absolutely adorable!

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