Confidence {Bellingham Lifestyle Photographer}

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tilly blog 2Tilly blog

Sometimes you just have to let go and let it all out…


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Love {Bellingham Lifestyle Photographer}

010713_9165 blog blog

Love, in its purest form.


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Magical Forest {Bellingham Custom Photographer}

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010413_8992 blog


Sometimes I think the Pacific Northwest is most beautiful in the winter.

010413_9041 blog


Soft fog that lends a magical quality to the air. That brings out the rainbow of nature’s palette.




010413_9011 blog

010413_9059 blog


Small pockets to be found in a magical forest.

010413_9034 blog

010413_9001 blog


Even in January, my little corner the Pacific Northwest is beautiful.

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Sixteen Going on Seventeen {Bellingham Custom Photographer}

122812_8812 blog 122812_8819 blog 122812_8850-2 blog 122812_8870 blog 122812_8876 bw blog 122812_8910 blog


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Boy in the Window {Bellingham Lifestyle Photographer}

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122812_8800 bw blog

Apollo 2 1/2 years old

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Jameson {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

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It is always such an honor to be invited to photograph a baby’s birth. Jameson’s birth was extra special because I photographed his big sister, Juliet’s, birth just over two years ago!

121512_8355 blog copy

121512_8370 bw blog

121512_8404 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8229 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8230 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8231 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8232 bw blogHarrell Birth_121512_8240 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8251 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8266 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8306 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8308 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8313 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8323 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8329 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8291 bw blog

Welcome Jameson and congratulations Chris, Jewels, Madeline, Clara and Juliet!

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Josanna {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

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120412_7845 bw blog 120412_7853 bw blog 120412_7857 blog 120412_7864 bw blog 120412_7887 bw blog 120412_7921 blog 120412_7947 blog 120412_7965 blog 120412_7989 blog 120412_8052 blog 120412_8073 blog 120412_8130 bw blog 120412_8140 blog


I’ve had the pleasure of  photographing all three of Josanna’s big brothers as newborns! In fact, five year old Brady was the first newborn I ever photographed. What a joy to be able to capture little Josanna with her big brothers.

Congratulations Micah and Allie. You have a beautiful family.

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Boys in Kilts {Bellingham Portrait Photographer}

_MG_8651 blog copy


_MG_8637 copy


storyboard001 copy


storyboard002 copy

Boys in kilts. Does it get any cuter than this?


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Three Boys and Three Girls {Bellingham Custom Photographer}

Beautiful children, don’t you think?


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Large Family Photos {Bellingham Lifestyle Photographer}

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To say I had fun photographing this family would be an understatement! These guys are so much fun.  




I was out a year and a half ago to Derek’s newborn photos and some family shots. Look how big he’s gotten! 


This is the first time I’ve had a chance to try out my fisheye lens with clients and boy am I glad I did. We got some really fun shots with it.

Sweet baby Luke.


As you can see, these kiddos are full of life!




Mom and Dad to this adorable crew.




What a gorgeous family.




Thanks so much Kyle and Karen. It is always a pleasure to spend time with your family.



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