Maizy’s Homebirth {Bellingham Homebirth}

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I love being a part of the Bellingham homebirth community! I have always been a baby lover, fascinated by birth and dreamed of having a houseful of my own children. Now that my youngest is five, I spend my time photographing the miracle of birth. I can’t think of a single thing I would like to do more than this!home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

I never get tired of the middle of the night “it’s time” phone calls. I am a light-sleeper and morning person by nature, this means waking up to photograph a birth is easy for me. I love the peace of home births. I love cherish the moments when I get to sip hot tea with the family as I take photos. I always try to stay in the background at births and home births are no exception.

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Heather and Grayson have such a beautiful home; it is impossible to not feel comfortable in it. Heather was already deep in her labor zone by the time I arrived. I enjoyed the quiet and peace of the night.home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Heather was so in tune wither her body and Grayson was in tune with her. It was truly a beautiful thing to watch these two labor together.

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

It was a matter of minutes between “you’re fully dialated and can push” to Maizy making her grand arrival. Such a beautiful moment of triumph!

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Heather and Maizy get to know each other as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Can you believe the focus of this baby’s face? She was ready to meet her mama, and obviously recognized her voice.

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Before long, big brother Myles woke up and was ready to meet his little sister. He was so precious, snuggling with his mama while he admired his baby sister.

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Next Finley woke up and joined her family. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of the baby, the midwives and the photographer all hanging out in her mama and daddy’s room. Soon, however, she was captivated by Maizy.

home birth images by bellingham birth photographer Little Earthling Photography

Once Myles and Finley were both awake and I captured this brand new family of five, I made my exit so they could continue to bond as a family.

Congratulations, Heather, Grayson, Myles and Finely. You have such a beautiful family!


Renee Bergeron is a Bellingham photographer who specializes in birth and lifestyle images. 

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Evolution of Photography {Bellingham, WA}

Photographers grow and change just like anyone else. Our styles develop over time. Like many artists, we may begin by imitating other’s work that we love, until we fall into a groove of our own. I know all of that was true for me.

I have always been passionate about photography. I was the kid at summer camp running around, trying to capture each moment with my 35mm camera (weighing each photo carefully…I only had 24 frames on my roll of film after all!) As a teenager I had the amazing opportunity to travel around the world and once again my camera was my trusty companion. My photos weren’t good and I was often disappointed when my film was developed, but none of that dampened my enthusiasm.

I got my first digital camera in 2005 and was hooked. I worked hard with that $100 point and shoot. I experimented with the settings…with flash and no flash. I worked on my composition and sometimes even converted my photos to black and white! I was rocking what I had and loving every moment of it.  In 2007 I upgraded to my first DSLR, a Canon 30D. After having it for a few months I was determined to master manual mode, which I did. When I pushed the camera and its kit lens to its limits, I bought the Nifty-Fifty (50 mm 1.4) and learned how to use that.

My style of photography has evolved a lot over the years. From 2008-2012 I thought high contrast and bright colors were the bomb.  Who cares what the subject was? My goal was to make it brighter, more vivid, more…everything…

Evolution of photography

Bright! Contrast! Vivid! Wow, I feel like I need sunglasses to look at these photos now. Who needs catchlights when you have this much color and contrast?

I was also convinced that putting my subject somewhere interesting (who cares where or why) made for an interesting photo…maybe even art. Here, stand in front of that tree. That will make a great photo!

Beautiful senior portraits by Little Earthling Photography

Now my style has evolved into a more natural, muted look. These photos were taken on the same property as the first two, but I have learned to use the light and plants as a beautiful backdrop. I value expression and personality over “cool” locations. I want my subjects to feel happy, comfortable. To feel like themselves.

Posing newborns? It wasn’t always my strong suit. Here is a photo from 2009:

I mean, what in the world was I thinking here? What kind of pose is this? Why, oh why, didn’t I tuck those arms in somewhere? Black fur and naked baby do not a beautiful portrait make.

collage of newborn photos by bellingham newborn photographer, Renee Bergeron

Now I prefer to work with the baby…and capture them in more natural poses. Poses that will bring back a rush of memories to the mom and dad viewing these photos. I love to capture the light as it spills over the baby, enhancing the wrinkles and dimples and new baby-ness.  I love to capture the unique relationships in families. This is the newborn photography I love today.

Back in 2009 I also had no idea how to pose for maternity sessions. Here, stand and look at me…now smile. A cute enough snapshot, but not the makings of beautiful wall art. Now I try to capture the essence of family in a single frame.

I strive to capture the family interactions and relationships. To me, these images speaks volumes about these growing families.

Calvin {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

And birth? It is my favorite type of photography. Calvin’s birth (above) was the first birth I ever photographed. In fact, it was the first birth I ever attended that wasn’t one of my own children. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had the enthusiasm and a desire to learn. I still love the photos from his birth. It captures the love and emotion…but I am so much more comfortable in the birth environment now.

Dozens of births later, I have gained confidence and skill.  I have shot home births, birth center births, hospital births and even a c-section. I work to capture the individual story of each baby’s birth; not a preconceived script. I am not writing the story, I am providing the visuals. The tangible memories.

I have adopted this same view with my personal photos. I try to capture the story as it unfolds; not write the script. These moments, these photos are treasures to me. These are  the moments I want to remember.

I was inspired to write this post by Light, a new camera technology that just hit the market. I am hoping to get my hands on one of these later this year and see how it works.

How has your idea of photography changed over the years? Do you have favorite photos from your childhood? Which ones are they?

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Lifestyle Family Session {Bellingham}

Greg and Merriann are great friends of ours.

We met them years ago when they had just one adorable toddler, Zoe. Over the years we have both expanded our families (though some of us have done more expanding than others). It has been so much fun to watch their children arrive and grow over the years. We spent a week on the Oregon Coast this summer, camping with them this summer. It was a wild ride, let me tell you!

Newborn baby being held by her mom

Merriann gave birth to their sixth child on Christmas morning. How cool is that? 


adorable biracial toddler girl

They asked me to take a family photo now that little Ella is here…but I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of their children around the house. Lifestyle sessions are always my favorite, so I snapped away while they continued to get photos of children

biracial girl smiling with natural hair

Abigail? She loves my camera just as much as my camera loves her!newborn baby lifestyle session

Teeny-tiny baby toes and diapers and cries and hair…it’s all too much…

Four beautiful, biracial sisters

Four beautiful sisters…see that one on the left? I like to call her Spicy Charlotte. Oh, she’ll smile and maybe even let you hold her, but she’ll make you work for it. 

little girl playing the piano

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Charlotte is a piano prodigy…and if not? Well, she looks pretty adorable anyway.

mom and daughters admire newborn baby lifestyle family portrait of multiracial family

Congratulations, Thames family!


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA. Contact for a session: 360-383-7889

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Little Earthling Photography 2015 in Review {Bellingham Photographer}

2015 was a great year for Little Earthling Photography. I met so many new families and had so much fun shooting!maternity photos bellingham washington

I did three maternity session this year for Kaylee, Kara and Dana. I also did birth and newborn photography for both Dana and Kara. This image of Dana and her family is one of my all time favorites!collage of newborn photos by bellingham newborn photographer, Renee Bergeron

I did newborn session for nine sweet babies: Crue, Achilles, Magnolia, Hannah, Tess, Pirkko, Penelope, Lucas and Ella.Photos by bellingham photographer, Little Earthling Photography


I had the pleasure of doing one year photos for Chloe, photographing Kylie’s 5th birthday party, five month photos for Hannah, photos for Kinley, senior pictures of Hayley, family photos of the Johnson family and graduation pictures of my son, Judah. everyday happy products

I expanded my skill set his year and shot both lifestyle and product photos for Everyday Happy! This was a fun experience for me and I got to hang out with some adorable babies and toddlers in the process.

The superhero project, bellingham, wa

I continued with The Superhero Project and shot five sessions this summer for Hunter, Cameron, Christie and Esther, Liam and Vincent.

bellingham birth photographer, Renee Bergeron, of Little Earthling Photography

I shot seven births this year, including two still births. I photographed Pirkko’s birth at the Birthroots, Magnolia’s amazing VBAC, Shepherd’s stillbirth at 20 weeks, I captured Arianna’s birth story, Matthew’s stillbirth, Lucas’s home birth and Shepherd’s Christmas Eve birth.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA. 360-383-7889

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Boomer’s Drive-In {Bellingham Business}

I love living and being a photographer in Bellingham. Bellingham is a bit quirky, very green and such a friendly place. We moved here in in 1999 (when we just have three children) and I have really enjoyed this community. One thing I really enjoy is checking out the local restaurants and coffee shops. Recently I took three of my boys to Boomer’s Drive-In. It was a first for all three, and I think you’ll see they thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoying a burger at Boomer's Drive-In in Bellingham, WAI absolutely love Boomer’s hamburgers. They are hot, juicy and layered with all the good things a burger should be layered with. The taste of these is only surpassed by the flavor of their waffle fries. Seriously, if you go there, make sure you get both.

Delicious, juicy burger at Boomer's Drive-In.

Ice cream selection at Boomer's Drive-InBoomer’s Drive-In has a large selection of ice cream. My boys indulged in milkshakes (root beer and salted caramel in case you are wondering).

Enjoying milkshakes at Boomer's Drive-In in Bellingham, WA.

The didn’t have any complaints…

Boomer's Drive-InI really like the circular table around the fire place…unfortunately this day my son’s wanted window seats.

Enjoying burgers at Boomer's Drive-In.

Holding a canon lens cap.

Black and white photo filtered through a waffle fry.

Boomer's Drive-in in Bellingham, WA.


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bellingham-newborn-photographer-2A few weeks ago I got to spend the morning with Tess and her parents. At six weeks old, Tessa isn’t quite a newborn, but she was as beautiful and perfect as could be! It was obvious that her parents are completely smitten with her. And who wouldn’t be? She was such a little doll, and had the cutest nursery, filled with books and bright colors.newborn-lifestyle-bellingham


Mom and dad kissing newborn baby.newborn-on-quilt



Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography is a Bellingham based photographer who specializes in birth and lifestyle photography.


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Seattle Great Wheel

Dramatic image of the Seattle Great Wheel at night.Have you you even ridden on the iconic Seattle Great Wheel? My husband and I rode on it for the first time this summer, as we celebrated 20 years of marriage.



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The Superhero Project {Vincent}

Adorable little boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The Superhero Project

Vincent’s mother says: “Sweet Vincent was born November 2014 with clubfoot. We would soon discover a brain malformation and a rare genetic syndrome.” You can follow his story on Victorious Vincent’s Adventures with prayer-Willi, Polymicrogyeria, Clubfoot.

Adorable little boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The Superhero Project

I had such fun hanging out with Vincent. His skin is milky white and his skin so soft I just wanted to snuggle with him! I resisted the urge, however, and kept my camera in my hands to capture Vincent’s special moments with his mama. And can you even believe that hair?! He is such a doll.Adorable little boy with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The Superhero Project


Vincent is just a little bundle of personality! Thanks, Candace, for bringing him over to hang out.

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A Newborn Session at Home {Bellingham Photographer}

Just a week after photographing Pirkko’s birth, I got to go back and capture her newborn beauty. It is always shocking to me just how much babies change in so short a time! Pirkko was wide awake and intent on taking in everything around her. Can you believe that gorgeous hair?beautiful lifestyle images of newborn baby by little earthling photography mom caring for newborn baby during lifestyle newborn session


I love being invited into a family’s home to capture the natural beauty of family and love. That image of Pirkko with her mama reminds me of when my babies were newborns. I can almost feel the weight of them in my arms. big sisters holding newborn baby - bellingham newborn photographer

in-home newborn photo session

family photo on bed


Pirkko is blessed with not one, not two, but three big sisters. All happy to dote on her and brush her hair!newborn in daddy's arms

I can tell this baby already has a very special place in her daddy’s heart!


I am a firm believer that photo sessions should be fun; no stiff smiles or awkward moments. Thankfully, Pirkko’s family agreed! I had such a fun morning hanging out with them and capturing  these sweet moments.


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA

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Happy First Birthday, Chloe!

I have the honor of photographing sweet little Chloe when she was just a few days old. She was still in the hospital, and still hooked up to wires and tubes.

daddy and baby with down syndrome

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing her for her first birthday. Can you believe how she’s grown? Can you believe how gorgeous she is?

beautiful down syndrome baby smiling baby with down syndrome family photo outtake

Sometimes it takes an outtake like this ^^^ to get a beautiful image like this ^^^daddy and baby with down syndrome  mom dad and baby with down syndrome


beautiful, smiling down syndrome baby


Dream big, Chloe! May your days be happy and your future bright.

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