Lifestyle Family Session {Bellingham}

Greg and Merriann are great friends of ours.

We met them years ago when they had just one adorable toddler, Zoe. Over the years we have both expanded our families (though some of us have done more expanding than others). It has been so much fun to watch their children arrive and grow over the years. We spent a week on the Oregon Coast this summer, camping with them this summer. It was a wild ride, let me tell you!

Newborn baby being held by her mom

Merriann gave birth to their sixth child on Christmas morning. How cool is that? 


adorable biracial toddler girl

They asked me to take a family photo now that little Ella is here…but I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of their children around the house. Lifestyle sessions are always my favorite, so I snapped away while they continued to get photos of children

biracial girl smiling with natural hair

Abigail? She loves my camera just as much as my camera loves her!newborn baby lifestyle session

Teeny-tiny baby toes and diapers and cries and hair…it’s all too much…

Four beautiful, biracial sisters

Four beautiful sisters…see that one on the left? I like to call her Spicy Charlotte. Oh, she’ll smile and maybe even let you hold her, but she’ll make you work for it. 

little girl playing the piano

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Charlotte is a piano prodigy…and if not? Well, she looks pretty adorable anyway.

mom and daughters admire newborn baby lifestyle family portrait of multiracial family

Congratulations, Thames family!


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA. Contact for a session: 360-383-7889

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Little Earthling Photography 2015 in Review {Bellingham Photographer}

2015 was a great year for Little Earthling Photography. I met so many new families and had so much fun shooting!maternity photos bellingham washington

I did three maternity session this year for Kaylee, Kara and Dana. I also did birth and newborn photography for both Dana and Kara. This image of Dana and her family is one of my all time favorites!collage of newborn photos by bellingham newborn photographer, Renee Bergeron

I did newborn session for nine sweet babies: Crue, Achilles, Magnolia, Hannah, Tess, Pirkko, Penelope, Lucas and Ella.Photos by bellingham photographer, Little Earthling Photography


I had the pleasure of doing one year photos for Chloe, photographing Kylie’s 5th birthday party, five month photos for Hannah, photos for Kinley, senior pictures of Hayley, family photos of the Johnson family and graduation pictures of my son, Judah. everyday happy products

I expanded my skill set his year and shot both lifestyle and product photos for Everyday Happy! This was a fun experience for me and I got to hang out with some adorable babies and toddlers in the process.

The superhero project, bellingham, wa

I continued with The Superhero Project and shot five sessions this summer for Hunter, Cameron, Christie and Esther, Liam and Vincent.

bellingham birth photographer, Renee Bergeron, of Little Earthling Photography

I shot seven births this year, including two still births. I photographed Pirkko’s birth at the Birthroots, Magnolia’s amazing VBAC, Shepherd’s stillbirth at 20 weeks, I captured Arianna’s birth story, Matthew’s stillbirth, Lucas’s home birth and Shepherd’s Christmas Eve birth.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA. 360-383-7889

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Happy First Birthday, Chloe!

I have the honor of photographing sweet little Chloe when she was just a few days old. She was still in the hospital, and still hooked up to wires and tubes.

daddy and baby with down syndrome

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing her for her first birthday. Can you believe how she’s grown? Can you believe how gorgeous she is?

beautiful down syndrome baby smiling baby with down syndrome family photo outtake

Sometimes it takes an outtake like this ^^^ to get a beautiful image like this ^^^daddy and baby with down syndrome  mom dad and baby with down syndrome


beautiful, smiling down syndrome baby


Dream big, Chloe! May your days be happy and your future bright.

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Pocket of Light

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Apollo-post-haircut Black and white image of boy with bow and arrow

Sometimes you find the perfect pocket of light in your home, so you take a couple of pictures.

Mordecai, age 12 and Apollo, age 5.

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Dirt {Bellingham Lifestyle Photographer}

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smiling boy covered in dirt

pensive boy covered in dirt smiling boy in sunglasses


Sometimes it is just irresistible to little boys.

Boomer’s Drive-In {Lifestyle Photography}

Hamburger and waffle fries at Boomer's Drive-In

Summer is here, and with it, a special date with my

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nine-year old daughter, Avi at Boomer’s Drive-In.

A fresh burger, perfectly seasoned waffle fries and a strawberry milkshake? My daughter was in foodie heaven. cars parked at Boomer's Drive-IN Girl eating at Boomer's drive-in hamburger, shake and fries at Boomer's Drive-In

Don’t forge to slow down and savor summer. Hug your children. Buy them a milkshake.

You won’t regret it, I promise.


Call today to book a session with Renee of Little Earthling Photography. Renee specializes in birth and lifestyle photography. 360-383-7889



Almost Summer {Bellingham Photographer}

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Summer may not be officially here yet, but we are sure enjoying warm weather. Bare feet, hiking, the sprinkler and kiddie pool, we are squeezing every bit of fun out of our days as we can. hiking-2 hiking-3



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The Superhero Project {Cameron}

{The Superhero Project sessions are sessions designed for special needs children. These sessions are done free of charge to families. My hope is that we can spread awareness about special needs, while giving encouragement to families through the gift of professional photography.}superhero-project-cameron-1231

Cam is a sweet and loving 4 year old. He has many delays in speech and motor development, well as sensory issues. Despite all of the challenges that he faces, he is a happy and friendly boy, who loves cars (especially Lightning McQueen), his mom and dad, and idolizes his big sister Emily.  Although it isn’t always the easiest to parent him, it is very easy to love him. He is continually teaching me and making me grow into a better and stronger person.cameron-superhero-3superhero-cameron-1Emily is a Super Sister to her little brother, Cameron. superhero-cameron-2 superhero-cameron-4To see more of The Superhero Project, please check out my Superhero Project page. If you like the  photos, please share! You can also find The Superhero Project on Facebook.


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The Woods Coffee {with friends}

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Woods-coffee-1 woods-coffee-3woods-coffee-0715woods-coffee-0716woods-coffee-0731woods-coffee-0730Sometimes you just have to take time out of your busy schedule to meet up with your friends (and their kids) at The Woods Coffee.


Images shot with:  Canon 5D Classic and Canon 28mm

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Shot with:

Canon 5D classic

Canon 28mm 1.8

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