A Newborn Session at Home {Bellingham Photographer}

Just a week after photographing Pirkko’s birth, I got to go back and capture her newborn beauty. It is always shocking to me just how much babies change in so short a time! Pirkko was wide awake and intent on taking in everything around her. Can you believe that gorgeous hair?beautiful lifestyle images of newborn baby by little earthling photography mom caring for newborn baby during lifestyle newborn session


I love being invited into a family’s home to capture the natural beauty of family and love. That image of Pirkko with her mama reminds me of when my babies were newborns. I can almost feel the weight of them in my arms. big sisters holding newborn baby - bellingham newborn photographer

in-home newborn photo session

family photo on bed


Pirkko is blessed with not one, not two, but three big sisters. All happy to dote on her and brush her hair!newborn in daddy's arms

I can tell this baby already has a very special place in her daddy’s heart!


I am a firm believer that photo sessions should be fun; no stiff smiles or awkward moments. Thankfully, Pirkko’s family agreed! I had such a fun morning hanging out with them and capturing  these sweet moments.


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA

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Happy First Birthday, Chloe!

I have the honor of photographing sweet little Chloe when she was just a few days old. She was still in the hospital, and still hooked up to wires and tubes.

daddy and baby with down syndrome

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing her for her first birthday. Can you believe how she’s grown? Can you believe how gorgeous she is?

beautiful down syndrome baby smiling baby with down syndrome family photo outtake

Sometimes it takes an outtake like this ^^^ to get a beautiful image like this ^^^daddy and baby with down syndrome  mom dad and baby with down syndrome


beautiful, smiling down syndrome baby


Dream big, Chloe! May your days be happy and your future bright.

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Anticipation {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

Mom and dad kissing toddler with glasses. Little Earthling Photography

bellingham maternity photographer


So much love and joy in this little family! We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of little Magnolia. As a birth photographer, I get to go to be each night I am on call with the anticipation of wondering, “will this be the night?“.


Renee Bergeron owner of Little Earthling Photography is a Bellingham based photographer who specializes in birth and lifestyle photography.

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Hannah {Bellingham Family Photographer}

black and white images of mom, baby and sistermom and baby mom and baby smiling

This weekend I had the joy of photographing my dear friend Molly and her beautiful baby, Hannah. Such sweet, chubby cheeks and legs. Soft, silky skin. Sweet baby perfection!

You can see Hannah’s newborn photos here.


Bellingham Family Photographer

Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography


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Dana {Bellingham Maternity Photographer}

Bellingham Maternity Photographer

The unseasonably warm weather meant I was able to do maternity photos of Dana outdoors. This is a rare treat indeed here in Bellingham in February! Two year old Silas was charming and adorable! I had to do a little running to get his picture, but he was having fun and so was I.

Bellingham Maternity Photographer Bellingham Maternity Photographer

Bellingham Maternity Photographer Bellingham Maternity Photographer

Before too long (you really don’t want to push your luck in the weather department her in Bellingham) we headed inside for more photos. Bellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerBellingham Maternity PhotographerJust look at those stunning blue eyes! I cannot wait to head back for birth photos next month. One of the best parts of being a birth photographer is forming new relationships and watching families grow.


Renee Bergeron

Little Earthling Photography

Bellingham Maternity Photographer


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