Jameson {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

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It is always such an honor to be invited to photograph a baby’s birth. Jameson’s birth was extra special because I photographed his big sister, Juliet’s, birth just over two years ago!

121512_8355 blog copy

121512_8370 bw blog

121512_8404 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8229 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8230 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8231 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8232 bw blogHarrell Birth_121512_8240 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8251 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8266 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8306 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8308 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8313 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8323 blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8329 bw blog

Harrell Birth_121512_8291 bw blog

Welcome Jameson and congratulations Chris, Jewels, Madeline, Clara and Juliet!

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  1. Jenn

    What a beautiful little guy! Great pictures Renee! I love the one where he is on mommy’s chest, like he is clinging to her. So sweet.

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