VBAC {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

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  1. […] my therapy baby, was there for the first night and morning. I was present to photography Abigail’s birth just a little over a year ago. I also did her newborn photos…where she holds the record for […]

  2. […] Abigail. I photographed her loooong but successful VBAC in 2011. And I’ll certainly be capturing this little one’s arrival as […]

  3. […] It was an amazingly, long birth of over 30 hours! Tami and her husband were amazing, however, and Abigail came into the world and was welcomed into the arms of her […]

  4. […] years before I photographed Tami’s first VBAC when her daughter Abigail was born. That labor lasted over thirty hours! But she did it; she had a […]

  5. […] photographed Abigail’s birth three years ago as well. It is so much fun to see her with her baby […]

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