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A Miracle Unfolds: The Fast Homebirth of Baby Kingstyn

Every birth is a unique and incredible journey, filled with anticipation, excitement, and sometimes unexpected twists. Baby Kingstyn’s birth was a heartwarming tale of a fast and remarkable homebirth that left everyone in awe.

Kingstyn Arrives at the Speed of Love!

For Kayla and Josh, the arrival of their third child was eagerly awaited. From the moment they discovered they were expecting, they began preparing to welcome their little one into their loving home. As Kayla’s due date approached, excitement filled the air, and they eagerly awaited the first signs of labor. The couple were excited about having a home birth!

Mother sits in tub holding newborn baby after having a ferndale waterbirth.

Little did they know that this birth would defy all expectations. Kingstyn was in a hurry to arrive. As it turns out, no matter how prepared you are for delivery, it can still catch you off guard.

Mom in stripped top holds newborn baby after home waterbirth.
Newborn baby in his mama's arms after his fast waterbirth at home in Ferdale, WA

Baby Kingstyn was calm and content after his rapid waterbirth. He rooted around eagerly and sucked on his chubby little fist.

Dad watches toddler in bathroom while mom gives birth at home .

Kingstyn’s big sisters were supposed to be out of the house, enjoying time with their grandma and grandpa, but instead got to witness the birth of their little brother in the bathtub while daddy tried to distract them with an iPad.

Big sister peers at newborn baby after mom's waterbirth in ferndale, wa

There is nothing I love more than watching older siblings witness the birth of their younger sibling. I have never seen a child be truly upset by seeing their mom in labor. Usually, parents planning for a homebirth have done an excellent job preparing their children for the intensity of birth. Generally, kids are either bored (yes really) and ignore the action or are intensely curious about the process. I wasn’t surprised at all that the girls took it all in stride. Mama had a baby and that was the plan all along, right?

Midwives lean over bathtub checking on mom after homebirth.
Midwife Ann Tive from Birthroot Midwives and her assistant check on mom after her rapid homebirth.
Mom in striped top sits in tub after giving birth to baby at home.

Kayla navigated the intense journey of childbirth and came out the other side more radiant than ever. I was disappointed to miss the birth but so happy to see how calm and relaxed everyone was.

Dad holds newborn for toddler to see after precipitous home birth
Dad holds baby born at home while midwife and mom look on.

Despite the unexpected speed of the delivery, everything was perfect. Baby Kingstyn was healthy and thriving, surrounded by the love and warmth of his parents and big sisters. And you can see, the girls were thrilled to be a part of the action!

A midwife does a newborn exam on parents' bed after homebirth.
Dad watches over newborn baby as miwife examines new baby
Miwife performs newborn exam after baby is born at home

One of my favorite parts about homebirth is that baby never leaves their parents’ side. Midwives usually do the newborn exam right there on mom and dad’s bed.

Toddler looks on as midwife holds baby after homebirth. Newborn displaying the moro reflex
Newborn baby being examine on parents' bed after his rapid homebirth.

As baby Kingstyn grows, he will undoubtedly hear the story of his incredible birth and the love that surrounded him from the very beginning. This moment will forever be etched in the hearts of his family, a reminder of the miracle of life and the unbreakable bond between a parent and child.

Gorgeous mom breastfeeding baby in bed after homebirth
Mom, dad, toddlers pose on bed after homebirth in Ferndale

Congratulations Josh and Kayla. Little Kingstyn is absolutely perfect!

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