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Arianna {Bellingham Birth Photography}

Newborn in hospital

I got to know Jessica and Mike a bit before their baby’s birth. Initially we me up for coffee and to discuss birth photography. Later on Jessica and I became friends on Facebook and I was happy to get to “know” her a bit more that way. It helped the anticipation build up even more for little Gummy Bear’s birth. By the way, isn’t Gummy Bear the cutest nickname ever?birth-photography-1

When I arrived for Arianna’s birth a smile crossed my face as soon as I entered the room. They had it decorated with clothing, a teddy bear and books. So much love for one little baby!birth-photography-2

I always feel so honored to be present a birth. Couples invite me into one of the most special, personal days of their life.  I do my best to be a “fly on the wall” and simple document what is happening.birth-photography-4 birth-photography-5

Everyone bundled up here is photographic proof of how cold Jessica wanted the room during her labor!birth-photography-6

Jessica worked and long and hard during her labor. She was amazingly strong and calm. Little Arianna though wasn’t positioned quite right and it eventually it became apparent that a c-section was necessary. Mike and doula Christi, of Natural Birth Offerings, were both able to go back into the OR with Jessica. I headed home for some sleep and went back the next day to capture Arianna’s beautiful face. birth-photography-7 birth-photography-8 birth-photography-9

Newborn in hospital Newborn in hospital

Congratulations, Mike and Jessica! You two are going to make amazing parents!



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