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Ava’s Birth: A Fast and Beautiful Hospital Birth

Beautiful newborn baby with head full of hair.

Ava’s birth was fast and beautiful.

Thankfully, Olivia was great at keeping me updated the last few weeks of her pregnancy. There was a bit of a scare in late August while I was still in New Zealand for my daughter’s birth. The doctors thought Ava might be making an early appearance. I was able to contact my backup photographer to make sure Olivia and Orbille would have coverage no matter what.

Ava's birth was fast and beautiful.

I knew Olivia was having some contractions before I headed to bed that night, so I was already on high alert. Anytime I am on-call, I keep my bag packed and ready to go, but it is always nice to have an extra heads up.

Ava's birth was fast and furious.

Olivia was getting an epidural when I arrived at the hospital. Thankfully, it worked perfectly for her and she was comfortable and happy during her labor…right through pushing and delivery.

Husband supporting wife through labor.
Mom's excited face just after birth.

Orbille was able to capture the birth on his GoPro, though he and I both nearly missed it since Olivia only pushed twice! We were both getting set and ready, having no idea Ava would come so quickly.

Ava was born with an amazing head of hair.
Ava was born ready to nurse.
Newborn baby nursing just moments after birth.
Baby born covered in vernix just after birth.

Ava had a beautiful layer of vernix on her skin. Vernix covers the skin before birth, protecting it and and keeping it soft and smooth.

Newborn baby, minutes after birth. Renee Bergeron Bellingham birth photographer.
Newborn baby, minutes after birth. Renee Bergeron Bellingham birth photographer.
Newborn nursing minutes after birth.

This baby was born to nurse. She was latched on within minutes. I love this picture…Ava is clearly enjoying the breast and has no intention of giving it up.

Mom choosing her breakfast shortly after birth.
When your baby is born in time to order breakfast.
Dad holding newborn baby minutes after birth.
Dad taking photos of placenta after birth.
Orbille taking a picture of the baby’s placenta.
Mom examining placenta after birth. Birth Photography by Little Earthling Photography.

Olivia has specifically asked for photos of her placenta at our consultation. I always try to capture this whether moms request it or not. Olivia asked the doctor to show her the placenta after birth and allowed her to examine it closely.

Mom studying baby just after birth. Bellingham birth photographer Bellingham, WA.
Baby about to be weighed after birth.
Baby being weighed after hospital birth.

Olivia was told to expect a big baby due to her ultrasound imaging. Thankfully, Ava weigthed in at only 7 pounds 7 ounces.

Pink baby being weighed in hospital.
Photos by Bellingham birth photographer, Renee Bergeron
Dad and baby in hospital room after birth.
baby nursing moments after birth
Newborn baby toes and security bands.
Newborn babies are usually awake and aware for the first hour after birth.
Beautiful newborn baby with head full of hair.
Newborn baby crying after birth.
Baby getting footprints after birth.
Hospital footprints on newborn.
Dad holding newborn baby. Birth photography by Renee Bergeron.
Mom taking photo of dad and baby after birth.
Happy family after birth in Bellingham hospital.
Photos of new family after birth of baby.

Congratulations, Olivia, Orbille, and Noah! It was an honor to be part of Ava’s birth.

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