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Bellingham Birth Photography: 5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer

Renee Bergeron has been offering Bellingham birth photography since 2010.

My name is Renee Bergeron and I have been offering Bellingham birth photography since 2010. I have photographed over 50 births here in Bellingham, Whatcom, and Skagit Counties.  I have experience with hospital births (including c-sections), homebirths, and birth centers.

Beautiful, natural water birth of Lydia . Bellingham Birth Center

Why Birth Photography?

Birth photography has been on the rise in the US for the last ten years. It is gaining popularity as people realize that the birth of your child truly is a once in a lifetime event. Birth is beautiful, challenging, intense, and life-changing. Many parents don’t remember the details of their birth story because it is such an emotional and all-consuming event. Time is suspended as you walk through the journey to parenthood.

Why Choose Birth Photography?

Husband supports wife during hospital birth.

1.Choosing Birth Photography Means Less Stress for You

I have given birth to nine babies myself and I understand what a sacred, transforming event birth is. I have only a few snapshots of my own babies’ births, taken by my husband after our babies were born. These photos are treasured, but there are so many moments that were lost in the intensity of the experience.

Midwife helps support mom moments after birth.

My husband was my amazing support person and partner through each birth, yet we have almost no photos to look back on. Professional Bellingham birth photography means none of those sacred moments are lost.

Bellingham birth photography by Little Earthling Photography. Laboring woman grabs let of husband during birth.

When you hire a birth photographer you don’t need to worry about grabbing the camera or depending on your husband or other support people to take photos. It is all taken care of ahead of time, so you can focus on your birth experience.

Little Earthling Photography offers birth photography, maternity and newborn sessions.

2. Birth Photography Equipment

As a Bellingham birth photographer, I carry two DSLR cameras and three lenses to each birth. My professional equipment and vast experience in birth photography mean I am able to confidently shoot in a variety of lighting situations.

3. Hiring a Birth Photographer Takes Pressure of Dad

One of my favorite things to capture at each birth is mom and dad’s first reactions when they meet their baby. Whether the baby enters a room full of tears, laughter, or silence, these details are part of his or her story.

Dad holding newborn baby. Birth photography by Renee Bergeron.

Ava came into the world fast and furious.

Hiring a birth photographer means you are not depending on nurses, your support team, or yourself to capture those precious first moments between daddy and baby.

Dad cuddles newborn baby while wife looks on. Belllngham birth photography by Renee Bergeron.

When things don’t go as planned, such as an unscheduled c-section, your birth photographer is there to capture the moments you won’t remember.

New daddy kissing her newborn baby in hospital.
Dad having skin-to-skin with newborn baby. Little Earthling Photography.

And when things do go exactly as planned, your birth photographer is still there to capture every moment, meaning you can focus on your brand new family, not on taking pictures.

4. I Document All the Little the Details of Birth

I document the tiny details so you can focus on your brand new baby.

Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron captures the beauty of birth. Wrinkly newborn baby feet.

Babies begin changing as soon as they emerge from the womb. I am there to capture the baby exactly as he or she is at birth.

Bellingham birth photography by Little Earthling Photography.
Newborn baby toes and security bands.
Newborn baby still attached to placenta. Captured by Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron.
Should I hire a birth photographer for my c-section? Of course, you should!
Newborn footprints. Birth photos by Little Earthling Photography.

4. I Document Your Growing Family

Mt Vernon Birth Photographer, Renee Bergeron, captures Alilish's beautiful birth center birth.

Dita was a bit nervous meeting her baby sister, Ailish, for the first time.

Mt Vernon Birth Photographer, Renee Bergeron, captures Alilish's beautiful birth center birth.
Big sister Eliana comforts her mom as she pushes her baby out. Bellingham home birth photography.

Elaina was an active member of her mama’s birth team. She enthusiastically helped cut her baby brother’s cord.

Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron captures a beautiful homebirth.

Elaina proudly holding her brother for the first time.

birth images by Bellingham birth photographer, Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography

And, sometimes older siblings want to cuddle with mom and the new baby.

Curly-haired toddler watching her mama be examined by midwife.
Bellingham birth photographer, Renee Bergeron, captures the beauty of a home birth.
Mace was born at home in the water surrounded by love and family. Bellingham birth photographer.

The older siblings had mixed reactions watching their baby brother, Mace arrive in the birth pool in their living room.

5. Photos Printed and Delivered to You

Bellingham Birth Photography by Little Earthling Photography means photos delievered to you.

Ever taken what seems like a million photos and never actually get any printed? At Little Earthling Photography, I make sure that it doesn’t happen. Within 4-6 weeks of your birth, you will receive a beautiful box containing a customized flash drive with your images and a variety of 5×7 professional prints.

Photo books are a beautiful, simple way to preserve your birth memories.

You also have the option to add on a beautiful professionally bound and printed book of your birth story.

Mace was born at home in the water surrounded by love and family. Bellingham birth photographer.

How Can I Afford Birth Photography?

Every photographer is different but I strive to make birth photography available to anyone who truly desires it and is willing to prioritize birth photography. I help make birth photography affordable in three ways.

  1. I offer payment plans on all birth story packages. We can divide the payments up during your entire pregnancy, making it easier for many families to invest.
  2. I also offer gift certificates. Hint: birth photography makes a great baby shower gift.
  3. Investing in my birth photography packages means a discount on all photo sessions during baby’s first year, saving you money.

I hope you have found this information about Bellingham birth photography useful. If you haven’t already, make sure and download my FREE Birth Resource Guide!

To book a session or free consultation call Renee at 360-383-7889 or email me at littleearthling

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