Renee Bergeron is a Bellingham birth photographer.

My name is Renee Bergeron and my husband and I have called Bellingham home since 1999. We love raising our family surrounded by forests, mountains, and the ocean. Bellingham has an active and thriving birth community and I love helping connect expecting women with those resources.


I have photographed well over 60 births in Whatcom and Skagit counties. I have photographed births at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bellingham Birth Center, Birthroot Midwives, Mt. Vernon Birth Center, Everrett Hospital, University of Washington Hospital, and many homebirths. ¬†And most special of all to me, I traveled to New Zealand to capture the birth of my grandsons.

 Birth photography is my passion and I would love to share my experience with you.

Dad admires new baby after homebirth. Ferndale, Washington birth photography.
Should I hire a birth photographer for my c-section? Of course, you should!
Newborn baby girl's first exam.

Birth Photography FAQ’s

Maternity session at Glen Echo Garden.

Pregnancy Resources in Bellingham

Doulas of Bellingham offer private and group childbirth education classes.
Natural, lifestyle newborn session. Bellingham newborn photographer.

Postpartum Resources

Placenta encapsulated and ready to be consumed.
Baby breastfeeding photo by Little Earthling Photography.

Breastfeeding Support

Birth Photography Portfolio

Newborn in mom's arm. Homebirth bellingham, WA
Mother moments afer giving birth in water at home.
Newborn baby on mom's chest after water birth at home.
Big sister holds newborn baby after homebirth. Belligham birth photographer.
Happy family after birth in Bellingham hospital.
Odin was his mama's second sucessful VBAC at St. Joseph's Hospital in Bellingham
New daddy kissing her newborn baby in hospital.
Baby still attached to umbilical cord being weighted. Little Earthling Photography
Newborn baby minutes after birth. Renee Bergeron Little Earthling Photography
Renee Bergeron has been offering Bellingham birth photography since 2010.
Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron captures Erin's beautiful birth at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Mom in tub giving birth at home.
newborn baby at homebirth
Newborn baby still attached to placenta. Captured by Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron.
Should I hire a birth photographer for my c-section? Of course, you should!
Toddler peeking at newborn baby. Homebirth Belligham WA