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Choose the Bellingham Birth Photographer With Experience

Renee Bergeron is a Bellingham birth photographer.

My name is Renee Bergeron and my husband and I have called Bellingham home since 1999. We love raising our family surrounded by forests, mountains, and the ocean. Bellingham has an active and thriving birth community and I love helping connect expecting women with those resources.

I have photographed well over 60 births in Whatcom and Skagit counties. I have photographed births at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bellingham Birth Center, Birthroot Midwives, Mt. Vernon Birth Center, Everett Hospital, University of Washington Hospital, and many homebirths.  I have even had the honor of traveling to New Zealand to capture the birth of my grandsons.

Baby being weighed after homebirth.
Midwife conducts newborn exam on parents' bed after homebirth in Bellingham
Man and woman in pool during homebirth with sparkly lights in the background.

In addition to being an experienced birth photographer, I have given birth to nine babies myself. My first two children were born at a birth center, the next five were beautiful, peaceful, homebirths. My last two births took place in the hospital. One, a straightforward vaginal birth, the other an emergency c-section. This personal experience has made me very comfortable with the process of birth. 

Naked newborn baby lying on exam table in hospital.
Dad holds newborn baby after homebirth.
Big brother holds newborn baby on couch after homebirth
Luci enjoys skin-to-skin after her Ferndale homebirth.
Beautiful, natural water birth of Lydia . Bellingham Birth Center
Dad at Bellingham Birth Center holds baby girl while still connected to placenta.
Woman laboring in St. Joseph's hospital with monitors on her belly.
Toddler looks on as midwife holds baby after homebirth. Newborn displaying the moro reflex
Siblings at birth can be an incredible blessing and encouragment.
Toddler peeks over birth tub to look at mom holding newborn after homebirth
Woman laboring in bathroom during homebirth. little earthling photography
Newborn baby in hat gives big yawn in St. Joseph's hospital in Bellingham
Felix's Fresh 48 Session. Bellingham newborn photographer, Renee Bergeron.
Big brother holds newborn baby on couch after homebirth
Bellingham midwife, Allie Watkins, conducts a newborn exam.
Mace was born at home in the water surrounded by love and family. Bellingham birth photographer.
Woman laboring in birth tub grabbing husband's leg and yelling.
Just born baby peeking through mom's arms in birth pool.
Woman laboring in birth tub during home birth. birth photography by little earthling photography
Newborn baby nursing after homebirth in Ferndale, WA
Dad holds newborn baby after homebirth in Ferndale, WA
Brother holds newborn baby after homebirth in Ferndale, WA
Dad holds newborn skin-to-skin after homebirth
Midwife measuring baby's head after birth.
Newborn baby with bent toe by Bellingham birth photographer.
Beautiful purple, coiled umbilical cord immediately after birth. LIttle Earthling Photography.
Little baby buns after a fast homebirth. Bellingham, Wa
Mom has skin to skin with baby while still attached to umbilical cord. Little Earthling Photography
11 pound newborn baby being weighed after birth. Little Earthling Photography

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