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Everything You Need to Know About Giving Birth in Bellingham

My husband and I have called Bellingham home since 1999 and our last five babies were born here. We love raising our kids surrounded by forests, mountains, and the ocean. Bellingham has an active and thriving birth community with resources to help every expecting family. Here is a list of the very best birth resources in Bellingham and all of Whatcom County.

A few pictures of our family….we love the exploring the outdoors together!

I have been photographing births in Bellingham since 2009 and love being a part of the birth community.

I have put together this free birth resource guide that includes printable birth affirmations, a birth plan guide, coloring pages to help you prepare for your birth, a baby essentials list, and more. This detailed guide will help you plan for your birth as you embark on this exciting journey.

Download the Free Birth Guide Here.

Mace was born at home in the water surrounded by love and family. Bellingham birth photographer.
Your baby’s birth is unique. Whether you have a home birth, hospital birth or choose a birth center, whether you go all-natural, get an epidural or have a c-section; I capture your story. I hope this page helps make you aware of some of the amazing birth resources we have here in Bellingham!
Lifestyle newborn photos by Bellingham newborn photographer Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography.

Helpful Articles to Help You Prepare for Birth

Why hire a doula?

Local doula Molly Seimears talks about the reasons some couples choose a doula as labor support.

Sorry, But I Don’t Love Breastfeeding

An honest post about breastfeeding by a local doula, Molly Seimears.

How to Survive Morning Sickness When You Have a Toddler

Tips from me (a mom to 14 kids) about how to survive morning sickness when you have older children.

Minimalist Baby Essentials

What to buy and what to skip when you are planning for your new baby.

Bellingham doula offers support during labor.

Doula Resources in Bellingham and All of Whatcom County

Doulas of Bellingham is a collective of local doulas ready to help you get the most of our your birth experience including placenta encapsulation.

North Cascade Doulas

North Cascade Doulas focuses on providing Whatcom County and Skagit County families with unbiased support through the life-changing transition that comes with having a baby.

Birth By Design Doula Services

“A Certified Doula serving Whatcom County for the last 13 years. I offer a Biblical Perspective on Childbirth. I have expertise with hospital births and always love a good home birth or birth center birth!

Doulas of Bellingham offers group and private childbirth education.Classes and Childbirth Education in Bellingham and Whatcom County

3 Oms Yoga offers prenatal yoga classes.

Women during any stage of pregnancy will benefit immensely from this class. Prenatal yoga eases the discomfort of pregnancy and allows you to embrace your changing body. A great way to prepare for childbirth and connect with other moms-to-be.

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is a research-based and research-tested psychoeducational workshop that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for babies and children by strenghtening their families.

Asa is a very special rainbow baby born less than a year after his stillborn brother, Matthew. Bellingham, WABooks Every Mom Should Read During Pregnancy

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

This book is part technical and part personal stories. It is my personal favorite book on childbirth.

Spiritual Midwifery

This book was also written by Ina May Gaskin. It was originally published in 1975. Warning, this is a book written by a hippy about a hippy. I love it for the real and raw birth stories it tells without apology.

The Birth Partner

This is the classic guide for dads, doulas, friends, or anyone else planning to be present for the birth.

“A book full of practical information on choosing the best type of birth experience for you and your baby and what to do in the final 8 weeks to prepare.”

Stand and Deliver! And Other Brilliant Ways to Give Birth

Baby Catcher

A beautiful memoir by midwife Peggy Vincent. She tells stories of the births she attended over her decades’ long career as a nurse-turned-midwife.

Dad cradling his newborn baby in hospital.

Options for Birth in Bellingham and Whatcom County

We are very fortunate here in Bellingham to have birth facilities to choose from in addition to homebirth.

Bellingham Birth Center

“Founded in 2004, and with over 1200 births under our roof, Bellingham Birth Center is the most established freestanding birth center in Whatcom County.”

Birthroot Birth Center

“Located in the heart of Bellingham at 1600 Broadway, our birth center features two large birthing suites designed to optimize the natural birth experience. Each suite is fully equipped with a deep, free-standing birth pool, a full bathroom including a walk-in shower, comfortable furnishings, and room to move.”

PeaceHealth Childbirth Center

“At PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, we strive to make this miracle a family-centered event. You and your family will enjoy closeness and privacy during your entire stay. To encourage the bonding of your family, your partner/coach will be invited to stay with you and your baby. “

Felix's Fresh 48 Session. Bellingham newborn photographer, Renee Bergeron.

Other Childbirth Resources in Bellingham and Whatcom County

The Nest in Lynden

“…a midwife, a lactation consultant, and a nurse practitioner bringing our services together under one pretty roof in order to provide beautiful, professional care to the women, mothers & families of Lynden and North Whatcom County.”

Bellingham Reiki with Christine

“Supporting others to feeling peaceful, relaxed, and at ease through Reiki. Interest in pregnancy, postpartum, child loss, trauma, maternal depression, and anxiety.”

Mobile Mama Therapy

“Our goal is to provide excellent mindfulness-based, behavioral cognitive psychotherapy for women at every stage of motherhood.”

Tending Moon Center

Tending Moon Center “offers intentional care, support, and resources to empower women to empower their families and empower our communities.”

Pregnancy resources in Bellingham.

Postpartum Resources in and Around Bellingham and Whatcom County

Perinatal Support Washington

“Perinatal Support Washington is a nonprofit organization committed to lifting the veil on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and treating them effectively.”

Doula Q Placenta Services

“Your placenta is prepared specifically for your needs.” Doula Q offers encapsulation or truffles made with your placenta.

Mental Health During Pregnancy and Parenting

“Depression and anxiety are complications commonly experienced during pregnancy and parenting by both mothers and fathers. Without treatment, these distressing feelings may affect how parents respond to and bond with their child as well as impact the child’s development.

Fortunately, help is available—from family, peers, and providers— to prevent, identify and treat perinatal mood disorders and to build healthy family relationships that help communities thrive.”

Bellingham Center for Healthy Motherhood

“a specialty health center providing women’s health care and comprehensive breastfeeding support and education in a quiet, warm and respectful environment.  We are a collaborative team of two, whose mission is to support women and build community.”

Sleep Parenting

Some babies fall into a sleep routine easily and others really need to work to gain this skill. Whether you co-sleep, baby sleeps alone, you are a first-time parent or experienced, this website will help guide you through the challenges of sleep with a baby.

A beautiful breastfeeding session with Mace and his mama by Bellingham Photographer Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography.

Breastfeeding Support in Whatcom County

La Leche League Bellingham

“These informal meetings provide an opportunity for both new and experienced parents to share their questions and concerns, and talk with one another about the special joys and challenges of parenting and nursing their children. Babies, children, and support people are always welcome!”

Rumina Lactation

“I am a board-certified lactation consultant. I will come to your house and provide you with the help you need. You don’t have to put the baby in the car seat. You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas. And definitely, don’t clean your house for me!”

Breastfeeding Basics

“Whether you’re just considering breastfeeding your baby or you’ve struggled with breastfeeding in the past, this class will teach you everything you need to know to get started with breastfeeding.”

Breast Pumps Through Medicaid & Insurance

Here is a great article about how to get a breatpump through insurance. 

Compete Bellingham Birth Resource Guide

Be sure and check out my Pregnancy and Birth Pinterest board for more resources!

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