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The Birth of Umiko

Newborn baby girl's first exam.

Lauren was already in hard, I need to stop talking and focus during contractions labor, when I arrived at the hospital to photograph the birth of her first baby.

Monitors used to measure baby's heart rate during labor.

I was especially excited to attend Lauren’s birth because her mom, Sarah, is a good friend of mine. I absolutely love it when I am at a birth with friends.

Lauren labored long and hard to bring her first baby girl into the world.

Birth photography in Bellingham, WA by Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography.

Umiko's natural birth in the hospital was long. First births can often take 12 hours or more.

Lauren’s husband Matt was tucked in and resting when I arrived. I love that St. Joseph’s has these couch/beds right in the labor rooms. I’ve slept on them myself, more than once, during a long birth.

Husband supports his wife during labor.

After taking a rest, Matt was ready to get back to helping Lauren labor naturally.

After a rest, Sarah took backstage while Matt supported Lauren.

St Joseph's has nice, large tubs in their birth rooms.

Having given birth nine times myself, I have to say, few things feel as good as a hot bath during labor.

Finally it was time to push her baby out.

Who doesn’t love the excitement that fills the room as moms get ready to push their babies out? Some moms are nervous, some are excited, and some are just downright ready to push their baby out and be done!

Pushing a baby out is one of the most empowering things a woman will do.

The moment of relief. Her baby is out and they meet face-to-face.

The moment of relief. Her baby is out and they meet face-to-face.

Dad sees his baby for the first time.

Newborn baby Umiko is snuggled in on her mama's chest.

Grandma snaps her first photo of newborn baby girl, Umiko.

Grandma snaps her first photo of newborn baby girl, Umiko.

Newborn baby girl Umiko cries out.

Dad holds his newborn baby for the first time.

Skin-to-skin with daddy is such a great way to keep baby warm and comforted while allowing baby to get used to daddy’s smell and heartbeat.

Newborn baby girl, Umiko, cries during her newborn exam.

Everyone expected Umiko to have black hair like her mama. As soon as they laid this sweet baby girl on the exam table, under the heat lamp, I noticed it wasn’t black at all. It was dark blondish-reddish, just like her daddy’s…and the ends were even lighter!

And can we all just take a moment to admire the blond fur on her upper arm?

Newborn baby girl's first exam.

Baby Girl was chubby and happy to scream to let us all know her lungs were working just fine, thank you!

Newborn baby just after birth.

Newborn receives her first newborn exam.

Newborn being examined after birth.

Baby Umiko is weighed shortly after birth.

Dad holding baby after birth.

Mom examines her minutes old baby girl.

My favorite part of the birth may have been when Lauren starred at Umiko and said, in awe, “I made an entire human!”

Yes, you did, Lauren, a gorgeous one at that!

Congratulations, Lauren and Matt! It was such an honor to be present for Umiko’s birth. You three make a perfect family.





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