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Boomer’s Drive-In: A Bellingham Treasure

Delicious, juicy burger at Boomer's Drive-In.

I love living and being a photographer in Bellingham.

Bellingham, WA is a bit quirky, very green, and such a friendly place. We moved here in 1999 (when we just have three children) and I have enjoyed this community. One thing I enjoy is checking out the local restaurants and coffee shops. Recently I took three of my boys to Boomer’s Drive-In. It was a first for all three, and I think you’ll see they thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoying a burger at Boomer's Drive-In in Bellingham, WAI absolutely love Boomer’s hamburgers. They are hot, juicy, and layered with all the good things a burger should be layered with. The taste of these is only surpassed by the flavor of their waffle fries. Seriously, if you go there, make sure you get both.

Delicious, juicy burger at Boomer's Drive-In.

Ice cream selection at Boomer's Drive-InBoomer’s Drive-In has a large selection of ice cream. My boys indulged in milkshakes (root beer and salted caramel in case you are wondering).

Enjoying milkshakes at Boomer's Drive-In in Bellingham, WA.

They didn’t have any complaints…

Boomer's Drive-InI like the circular table around the fireplace…unfortunately this day my sons wanted window seats and since this was their treat, I indulged.

Enjoying burgers at Boomer's Drive-In.
Holding a canon lens cap.
Black and white photo filtered through a waffle fry.
Boomer's Drive-in in Bellingham, WA.

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