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Bull Family Photos 2019: Little Earthling Photography

Bull Family missionaries to Japan.
Bull family photos taken by Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography

Meet Arianna, Micah, and Oakley. I have to admit that I am a bit partial to this family because Arianna is my niece. Not only that, but when Chuck and I were young we spent a year renting the downstairs suite from my brother-in-law Derek (Arianna’s dad). For that year, I got to see Arianna daily (she was just a baby). She and her cousins (my children) learned and played and grew together. It was a wonderful year I will never forget.

Bellingham family photographer caputures intimate photos of families.

Now Arianna is all grown up, married, and has a baby of her own. Arianna and Micah came to stay with us at Christmas time last year when we had a houseful of family. We were so excited to hea that they would be visiting again this summer.

Black and white portrait of interracial couple kissing baby.

Micah and Arianna met at Bible College and are now missionaries who are planning to head to Japan in the next couple of years. Micah is half Japanese and is familiar with the country and customs. All three are working hard to learn the language. I am pretty sure baby Oakley will have her parents beat in no time!

Mixed race couple kissing baby.
Mixed race couple kissing. Bellingham photographer Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photographer.
Arianna and Oakely. Bellingham family photographer.
Black and white portriat of mother and baby.
Asian baby smiling in apple orchard. Little Earthling Photography.
Black and white portrait of Asian baby.
Baby picking apples in orchard. Bellingham photographer.

Oakley was adorable…she was unsure of whether or not she was allowed to pick the apples. We tried to assure her, but she was still cautious. Just like her mama was at that age.

Baby playing with apple in Bellingham.
Mixed race couple kissing baby.

It was so great to visit with you Micah, Arianna, and Oakley!

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