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Newborn baby girl's first exam.
Birth Photography

The Birth of Umiko

Lauren was already in hard, I need to stop talking and focus during contractions labor, when I arrived at the hospital to photograph the birth of her first baby. I was especially excited to attend Lauren’s birth because her mom, Sarah, is a good friend of mine. I absolutely love it when I am at a birth …

Rainbow baby, Asa's beautiful birth center birth. Bellingham birth.
Birth Photography

Birth of a Rainbow Baby {Asa}

Ten months ago a very special little boy was born. His name was Matthew, he had Trisomy 18 and he was stillborn. I had the honor of photographing Matthew’s birth. Jessica and Jon showed such amazing strength and courage as they walked through a difficult, complicated pregnancy and birth. I will never forget the moment Jon …

Beautiful, natural water birth of Lydia . Bellingham Birth Center
Birth Photography

Water Birth of Lydia

Lydia’s water birth was unusual for me in several ways. First of all, her mom Lynn booked me less than 24 hours before her birth! Usually moms contact me very early in pregnancy, often as soon as they have a positive pregnancy test. Lynn’s due date was so soon (the next week) that I felt …