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Don’t Let Your Senior Photos Suck Like 2020

Jubilee: Bellingham Senior Photographer
Senior photos in the woods. Bellingham senior photos.

Not Even a Deadly Pandemic is an Excuse for Bad Senior Photos!

Let’s be honest. 2020 sucks.

Most of us are just waiting for it to end like a bad movie we’ve been forced to watch in science class (you know, the kind that was produced in 1983 and was never updated).

There is hope on the horizon. A bad year doesn’t mean you need to have bad senior photos. Because there is never an excuse for bad photography. Not in 2020; not ever.

Jubilee senior photos bellingham

This beautiful young lady is my own daughter, Jubilee, who will be graduating in 2021. She is currently enrolled in Running Start full time. Though, due to an untimely worldwide pandemic, she is doing all of her classes online.

Jubilee senior photos 2020

Online classes mean all of the pressure and none of the fun. But, hey, none of us chose to live the middle of a very slow-moving dystopian novel with never-ending plot twists. and very little believability.

Fun Facts About Jubilee

  1. Jubilee is our 7th child
  2. born in our 7th year of marriage
  3. she was born at 7 pm
  4. and weighed exactly 7 pounds
  5. She shares a birthday with her first nephew, Percival, but they have different birthdates (Percival was born in New Zealand which is a day ahead of the US)
Jubilee: Bellingham Senior Photographer

Book your senior photo session now! Before the next calamity befalls us all.

You can see more senior photos here.


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