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Lifestyle Family Session {Bellingham}

mom and daughters admire newborn baby

Greg and Merriann are great friends of ours.

We met them years ago when they had just one adorable toddler, Zoe. Over the years we have both expanded our families (though some of us have done more expanding than others). It has been so much fun to watch their children arrive and grow over the years. We spent a week on the Oregon Coast this summer, camping with them this summer. It was a wild ride, let me tell you!

Newborn baby being held by her mom

Merriann gave birth to their sixth child on Christmas morning. How cool is that? 


adorable biracial toddler girl

They asked me to take a family photo now that little Ella is here…but I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of their children around the house. Lifestyle sessions are always my favorite, so I snapped away while they continued to get photos of children

biracial girl smiling with natural hair

Abigail? She loves my camera just as much as my camera loves her!newborn baby lifestyle session

Teeny-tiny baby toes and diapers and cries and hair…it’s all too much…

Four beautiful, biracial sisters

Four beautiful sisters…see that one on the left? I like to call her Spicy Charlotte. Oh, she’ll smile and maybe even let you hold her, but she’ll make you work for it. 

little girl playing the piano

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Charlotte is a piano prodigy…and if not? Well, she looks pretty adorable anyway.

mom and daughters admire newborn baby lifestyle family portrait of multiracial family

Congratulations, Thames family!


Renee Bergeron is a birth and lifestyle photographer based in Bellingham, WA. Contact for a session: 360-383-7889

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