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Family Photography: It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Mom and daughters laughing during photosession. Little Earthling Photography Bellingham, WA

PSA: I am not currently shooting clients, but I do have a huge backlog of galleries I have never posted.

Family photography…those two words often strike fear in men’s hearts. They imagine stiff, itchy clothes, crying kids, and the loss of month’s salary. But I promise, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Family photography by Bellingham photographer Renee Bergeron

As a photographer, I try my best to shoot quick and make the experience as pleasant as possible for everyone. I love meeting families in their homes or at a location of their choice. This helps ensure everyone is comfortable as possible.

Mom and daugther portraits taken by Renee Bergeron of LIttle Earthling Photography.
Smiling girl with wind blowing her hair. little earthling photography bellingham photographer
Photo of smiling girl with big brown eyes. Little Earthling Photography.
Family posed in front of tractor in Bellingham, WA
Young man in suspenders holding his dogs. Little Earthling Photography.
Two silly sisters posing for the camera.
Mom and daugthers smiling and laughing.
Family photos bellingham wa
Girl in a field petting sheep.
Three young men in hats and jeans posing on a pile of logs. Family photographer, Bellingham, WA

Little Earthling Photography: Capturing Life Naturally

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