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The Best Kept Secret: Family Photos Can be Fun!

Funny family photo with kids running around behind parents. Bellingham family photographer, Renee Bergeron.

Photos by family photographer Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography.

Family photos in fall colors at Hovander Park. Family photographer Renee Bergeron.

When Amy contacted me about doing family photos a few weeks ago, she was nervous. As any mom knows, family photos can be STRESSFUL. Between coordinating outfits, finding a time of day that works for everyone, and hoping praying for the kids to cooperate for five minutes (and we all know it’s too much to have them cooperate at the same time) it is complicated to put it mildly.

Family photos can be non-stressful and fun!

Amy confessed it had been eight years since they last had family photos taken…meaning her youngest child hadn’t even been born yet! So, she gathered up all her courage and scheduled a family photo session.

Teen girl posing by fence at Hovander Park. Bellingham family photographer.
Smiling asian boy at Hovander Park in Ferndale, Washington. Little Earthling Photography.

Thankfully, Rick and Amy came armed with everything needed for a successful family photo session: cute kids, good attitudes, and a few little bribes.

Blonde teen girl in the flower garden at Hovander Park. Photos by Little Earthling Photography

The last time they had family photos taken they were done at Hovander Park, so that is where we headed for our photo session. Anyone who lives in Whatcom County knows how gorgeous the fall colors are at Hovander Park.

Funny family photo with kids running around behind parents. Bellingham family photographer, Renee Bergeron.
Fun family photos by Bellingham family photographer, Little Earthling  Photography.
Family photos in garden at Hovander Park.
Mother daugther and father daugther photos.
Couple photos at Hovander Park by Bellingham family photographer Renee Bergeron

Thanks, Rick and Amy. I had a great time spending the afternoon with your beautiful family. Now, let’s make sure we don’t wait another eight years for a family session!

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Call to book your photo session: Renee Bergeron 360-383-7889

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