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Welcome, Hannah! Newborn Session at Home

Renee Bergeron, Bellingham photograher, photographs newborns at home.

Hannah’s Newborn Session at Home

Newborn sessions at home means no traveling for mom or baby.

I recently spent the morning with sweet little Hannah and her parents. I love in-home newborn sessions for so many reasons.

In-home newborn session by Bellingham photographer, Renee Bergeron.

First of all, it means no travel for mom and baby so soon after birth. And it means I capture the family when they are comfortable and relaxed. No formal studio posing means genuine interactions.

No forced smiles or poses.

New mom and dad admire their newborn baby.
Bellingham newborn photographer Renee Bergeron captures a family's first days at home.

Little Hannah was so peaceful and relaxed during our session. She made my job a breeze.

Newborn baby holding on to daddy's hand.

It is pretty obvious that Hannah adores her daddy.

Macro images of newborn baby by Little Earthling Photography.
Tiny newborn with head full of hair. Newborn photos by Renee Begeron.
Newborn photos by Little Earthling Photography, Belligham WA
Mom and dad hold new baby. Family photos Bellingham, WA
Mom and dad with newborn baby. Newborn photography in Bellingham, WA
Mom cuddling tiny newborn baby with hair.
Newborn baby snuggled agains mom's chest.
Mom bottle feeding newborn. Fed is best, Bellingham, WA
Mom burping newborn baby. Bellingham, WA
Newborn baby with tons of hair. Newborn photos Bellingham, WA
Tiny newborn baby feet. Bellingham photographer.

Renee is a Bellingham-based photographer who specializes in birth, newborn, and lifestyle photography. Call today to book a session or schedule a free consultation.


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