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A Peaceful Homebirth in 2020: Welcome, Aurora

Aurora's peacefull homebirth in bellingham wa

“Things are really picking up now, 3-4 minutes apart and 1 minute long for the last 35 minutes.”

– 3:22 am Friday, October 2, 2020

While I love sleep, I love being awakened by texts like this even better!

2002 was not a great year for birth photography. With the virus, social distancing, stricter hospital rules, I have only photographed a handful of births. Thanks to homebirth, some amazing local midwives & masks I was able to capture Jessica’s and Jon’s fourth baby entering the world.

Husband fills up birth tub during homebirth.

I arrived at Jon and Jessica’s home at the same time as midwife, Allie. I helped haul her bags. Jessica was already working hard when we arrived. Allie did a quick exam while Jon filled up the tub.

Woman laboring in tub during homebirth.
Woman in homebirth being supported by doula.

Jessica is one of those amazing women who can focus 100% during hard labor and transition, then let it all go and relax and crack jokes in between. She is truly amazing!

Homebirth in tub. Bellingham, WA

Jessica had the support of Jon, a caring midwife, and doula Carolynn from Birth By Design Doula Services. Carolynn has also been at all for of Jessica’s birth (and Allie at three) so it is always a fun reunion for our birth crew.

Baby born in tub at home in Bellingham, WA
Waterbirth at home in Bellingham. WA

Jessica pushed out baby Aroura in the birthing tub and pulled her fresh little baby into her arms for a snuggle.

Baby born at home photographed by Renee Bergeron
Mother moments afer giving birth in water at home.
Baby Aurora was born in a birth tub at home in Bellingham, WA
Newborn baby feet after homebirth.

I absolutely love fresh, wrinkly baby feet.

 Mama and baby resting after homebirth.
Newborn baby being examined after homebirth.
Newborn exam performed by midwife.
Midwife Allie Watkins exams a newborn after a home birth.
Midwife measures baby's head after homebirth.

One of my favorite things about homebirths and birth center deliveries is that the newborn exam is done right on the bed. No whisking the baby away, even across the room. All is done right near mama.

Bellingham midwife, Allie Watkins, does newborn exam after homebirth.
Dad holds newborn baby after homebirth.
Newborn baby feet after homebirth.
Mom and dad relax on the bed with baby after bellingham homebirth.
Mom and dad rest with baby after homebirth in bellingham, wa

Congratulations Jessica, Jon, Asa, and Tirzah!

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