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Moments Frozen in Time: Preserving Birth Stories at the Hospital

Images of hospital births taken by Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography.

 I have had the honor of photographing hospital births in BellinghamEverett, Seattle, and New Zealand. I hope you enjoy scrolling through these birth images. Just like babies and snowflakes, every birth is different.

Daddies and Babies in the Hospital

Dad holding newborn baby. Birth photography by Renee Bergeron.
Daddy holding is newborn baby girl in the hospital.
Dad cuddles newborn baby while wife looks on. Belllngham birth photography by Renee Bergeron.
Jared cradles Abel as his wife, Tilly, sleeps after her unplanned c-section.
Dad holding baby after birth. Little Earthling Photography.
Newborn baby with daddy. Bellingham birth photos by Little Earthling Photography.

So Many Tiny Newborn Baby Faces

Some people insist that all newborn babies look alike. I don’t think so at all. Here is a collection of a few beautiful faces of babies I have photographed in the hospital. 

Renee Bergeron has been offering Bellingham birth photography since 2010.
Newborn exam after birth in hospital.
Newborn babies are usually awake and aware for the first hour after birth.
Newborn Abel in the hospital.
Abel (my grandson)
Malachi just after birth.
Should I hire a birth photographer for my c-section? Of course, you should!
The c-section was scheduled and mom checked in only to discover their breech baby had turned vertex!
Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron captures Erin's beautiful birth at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Newborn being weighed just after birth.
Montgomery (my grandson)
Newborn baby in hospital
Newborn baby in hospital- Abigail
Newborn baby girl in hospital- bellingham
11 pound 6 ounce baby born vaginally

Teeny-Tiny Itsy-Bitsy Baby Parts

Newborn baby toes and security bands.
Newborn baby with bent toe by Bellingham birth photographer.