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In-Home Portrait Session: All Boys All the Time

Family photos in Bellingham, WA

I absolutely love boys. Rough and tumble or quiet and thoughtful. As the mom of eight boys, I know that boys come in every personality type. I had so much fun hanging out with this family and taking their photos during this in-home portrait session.

It's all boys all the time for this family. Bellingham lifestyle photography.
Mother and father holding newborn. Bellingham lifestyle photography.
Black and white portrait mom and dad holding newborn. Bellingham newborn photography.
Sleeping baby in black and white. Bellingham newborn photographer.
Newborn sleeping in crib. Bellingham newborn photographer.
Black and white portrait of baby in crib. Bellingham photographer.
Newborn baby feet in crib. Family photos Bellingham, wa
Newborn baby feet. Family photographer Bellingham, WA. In-home photography session.
Family gathered around newborn in nursery during in-home photo session. Bellingham family photographer.
Family of five kissing baby. Lifestyle photographer bellingham, WA
Mom kissing newborn baby. Little Earthling Photography.
Dad starring at newborn baby during in-home session. Bellingham newborn photographer.
Dad walking with newborn baby. In-home portrait sessions mean I get get to capture life naturally. Bellingham lifestyle photographer.
Dad cradling newborn baby. Bellingham baby photographer.
Mom and dad smiling at newborn during in-home storytelling session. Bellingham family photogapher.
Newborn baby in daddy's hands. Bellingham photographer. Cozy baby sleeping during in-home portrait session.
In-home portrait session. Family of five with newborn. Bellingham lifestyle photographer.
Family of five with newborn.
Mom and dad with newborn. Bellingham photographer.
Dad with three sons during in-home portrait session. Bellingham family photographer.
LIttle boys tackling their daddy. Bellingham family photographer.
Little boy laughing. Bellingham photographer.
Smiling boy in black and white. Bellingham Photographer. In-home portrait session.

I love doing in-home portrait sessions. It gives me time to get familiar with the family and let both the kids and parents get comfortable with me and my camera with no pressure of, “sit and smile”.

Turns out these two little boys were some of the easiest I’ve photographed. I hope they had as much fun as I did!


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