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We All Float Down Here: It-Themed Photo Shoot with Georgie

Apollo makes a great Georgie in this It-inspired photo shoot.

I am a huge fan of Stephen King and one of my all-time favorite books is It. I was so excited to see a new version of the movie coming out. I can remember watching the original mini-series on TV as a teen. It scared me to death. So, of course, I had to see the new version as well.

DIY Georgie costume from the movie It.

I couldn’t resist setting up an It-themed photoshoot with my son, Apollo,  dressed as Georgie.

Boy dresses at Georgie from It in this It-Inspired photoshoot.  DIY It halloween costume.

Did you hear something?

Little boy dressed as Georgie from It. Stephen King's It-themed photoshoot.

It-themed photo shoot inspired by Stephen King's It.

This seven-year-old rocks it as Georgie in this It-Themed photoshoot.

Never has a red balloon looked so ominous.

Boy dressed at Georgie from stephen king's It.

Want to hear something hilarious? I took my son dressed like this to a Halloween event at our community college. The college students got a real kick out of him and several even stopped and asked to have their picture taken with him.

Then we were approached by an elderly woman who said, “Oh, look! It’s Christopher Robin” and let’s just say, I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

And if you’re a Stephen King fan too, you may want to check out my Pet Sematary Inspired Photoshoot. 


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