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Watching Families Grow: Lifestyle Photography Bellingham, WA

Toddler and swaddled baby by Little Earthling Photography.

Lifestyle photography sessions are different than the formal portrait sessions many of us remember from our childhood. No standing against a fake backdrop with forced, stiff, smiles on our faces. When I do a lifestyle session, I come into your home and capture the essence of your family. Lifestyle sessions should be relaxing and stress-free!

Renee Bergeron specializes in birth and lifestyle photography in Bellingham, WA.

Little baby B was happy, smiling, and totally chill during our newborn session.

Mom burping 35 week preemie during lifestyle photography session.

Baby B surprised everyone by making a rather abrupt entrance into the world just a few days before Christmas, at only 35 weeks. He was simply adorable!

35-week preemie being burped during newborn session.

B’s mama was feeding him when I arrived (babies with full tummies do better during their newborn sessions). I just loved his sweet pouty lips and his furrowed brow.

Mom, newborn, and toddler black and white lifestyle portrait.

One of my favorite parts of lifestyle photography is watching families grow over the years. I did big brother O’s newborn photos back in 2017. He was just as smiley and happy as little brother B was at his session.

Newborn held in daddy's arm at newborn lifestyle photography session.
Newborn baby at lifestyle photography session by Little Earthling Photography.
Newborn baby in handknit sweater looks at camera during newborn session. Bellingham, WA
Black and white portrait of sleeping newborn by Little Earthling Photography.
Lifestyle portrait of family with newborn and toddler.
Hazel-eyed toddler smiling at camera. Little Earthling Photography.

Even if I am at a home for newborn photography, I always try to capture a few images of the older sibling or siblings by themselves. Lifestyle photography means everyone is more relaxed and feeling comfortable.

Big brother poes with baby brother during lifestyle photography session in Bellingham, WA.
Toddler and swaddled baby by Little Earthling Photography.

I think these two are going to grow up to be best friends…what do you think?

Photo comparing brothers as babies.

And because I can never resist this type of thing…Baby O on the left at his newborn session in 2017 and Baby B on the right at his newborn session in 2020. You may also want to check out their 2018 family session.

To book a session with Little Earthling Photography call or text Renee (360) 383-7889 or email littleearthling @

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