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Lynden Homebirth: A Family Affair

Siblings at birth can be an incredible blessing and encouragment.

Before I ever had children, I imagined myself having homebirths surrounded by my husband, midwife, and my older children. As it turned out, I’m the kind of woman who needs quiet and privacy to give birth, so my older children never attended a birth. We had them go stay with friends when the big day arrived.

Having said that, I absolutely love attending births that are a family affair, such as this Lynden homebirth.

Lynden homebirth with midwife Naomi Bjogan

Jennifer was in early labor when I arrived and still moving around her home and taking care of her toddler.

Big sister cuddles her toddler sister during this Lynden homebirth.
Curly-haired toddler watching her mama be examined by midwife.
Toddler watches her mom in early labor during this homebirth.
Midwife Naomi Bjorgan examines mom during early labor.
Large family photo wall on display during homebirth.
I loved this family tree displaying the children’s photos in Jennifer’s living room.
Toddler entertains herself during her mom's labor at home.
Looks like this little one is totally over her mama’s labor.
Laboring at home means the whole family can be part of the birth process.

The boys left for the day when Jennifer went into labor, but the girls and Jennifer’s husband, Paul, hung out in the living room together during early labor.

Dad with kids at home during Lynden homebirth.
Daddy helps entertain his little girls.
Family time outside while mom is in labor.
Midwife Allie Watkins, entertains a toddler during labor.

Midwife, Allie Watkins of Haven Midwifery, helps entertain Lydia during her mom’s labor.

Sisters making dinner during their mom's labor at home.

Having a homebirth means the kids get to go about their daily routine. These two sisters made dinner for the family while their mom was in labor.

This Lyden homebirth was a family affair.

As evening fell, Jennifer’s labor grew stronger.

Homebirth in Lynden, Washington
Mom holding baby after homebirthl
Baby moments after birth.
Midwife helps support mom moments after birth.
Mom and baby moments after birth at home.
Dad cuts umbilical cord with arrowhead after homebirth.

This was a first for me…a dad cutting the umbilical cord with an arrowhead!

Lynden homebirth photographed by Little Earthling Photography.

Baby Mary getting cleaned up while her mama rests.

Mom examines baby after her homebirth in Lynden.
Lynden homebirh photographed by Renee Bergeron of Little Earthling Photography
Newborn baby moments after homebirth.

Baby Mary was healthy and happy. Jennifer ended up having some complications and was transferred to the hospital. Thankfully, baby and mama were both back home soon to settle into life together.

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