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Magnolia’s Incredible VBAC Birth Story: St Joseph’s Bellingham

mom and newborn baby in hospital

A Mom Determined to Have a VBAC

Kaylee contacted me very early on in her pregnancy. She is a very determined mama who was determined to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I was able to meet with Kaylee a few times throughout her pregnancy. She was planning a home birth but had to completely change her plans just a week or two before her due date. She didn’t let it shake her.

She found an OB and began planning her hospital VBAC.

Mama laboring in hospital
hospital birth details shots
mama laboring in hospital

Kaylee was in her birth zone when I arrived. I’m not even sure she noticed me. Kaylee hired local doula, Lisa to help support her through her labor.

woman in labor during pushing stage- vbac

Kaylee’s pushing stage went so fast, no one was sure if the doctor would make it…

hospital VBAC

Things got a little intense at the last minute…we were all thankful for the fast-acting hospital staff.

doctors working on newborn at hospital
daddy and newborn in hospital
newborn in hospital
newborn being weighed in hospital
mom and newborn baby in hospital

The moment of triumph. Kaylee holding sweet Magnolia for the first time. Her expressions says it all.

mom, dad and newborn in hospital
birthday cake for newborn in hospital

Happy birthday, Magnolia! And congratulations Kaylee and Shane.

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