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Mom & Me Session at Home: Little Earthling Photography

Girl running in front of family on blanket.

I have a few “rules” when it comes to family photo sessions. My business tagline is “capturing life naturally” and that is always my goal whether is a maternity, birth, family, or any other type of photo session. Here are my basic rules (feel free to take notes)

Give the kids time to warm up

Slow down. Let them smell the flowers or blow the bubbles. Being too serious and task-driven is only going to make everyone nervous and miserable. I like to take my time to chat and observe. Then I pull out my camera and start taking photos as I adjust the settings on my camera. This tends to put everyone at ease.

Boy blowing bubbles in yard. Family photos by Little Earthling Photography.
Boy outside catching bubble in his hands. Litte Earthling Photography.
Boy blowing bubbles in yard with brother and sister.

Dana booked a Mom & Me mini-session, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from capturing these fun moments as we got set up for our photo session.

Start with a few natural poses

Let the kids be silly. Make terrible jokes. Even when they don’t laugh. Even the worst of jokes is bound to get at least a sympathy laugh.

Mom and Me photo session by Little Earthling. Photography.

Capture Relationships

This was specifically a Mom & Me session, so of course I captured each child with mom along with all the kids and mom together. These are photos that will be treasured years from now.

Mom and Me Photo session by bellingham photographer, Renee Bergeron

Let them be silly

Obviously, Ella knows her place in the family as Youngest Child and Only Girl. She is spunky, full of energy, and clearly determined to keep up with her big brothers. So instead of trying to stomp that out, I embraced it for our photos.

Portraits of mom and kids during bellingham photo session.
Brothers and sister jumping on grass in Bellingham, WA

Jumping photos will almost always get kids to come out of their shells.

So let them jump. Let them yell. Let them squeal. If nothing else, they will have fun.

Brothers and sister jump during family photosession in bellingham, wa
Happy kids jumping during photo session.
Girl running in front of family on blanket.
Girl with braids running in front of family portrait.

Let them hold their chickens

If a girl wants a portrait with her chicken, well then, let her have her portrait. This is one reason I love doing photo sessions in people’s homes. Sadly, I don’t keep a supply of chickens in my camera bag.

Little girl in braids holding chicken by Bellingham photographer.
Girl in braids feeding chickens.
Girl in braids feedlng chickens shot through fence.

PS- It was so fun to catch up with Dana. I took maternity photos for her and captured Lucas’s birth, so it was fun to see them all grown up and full of personality! Now here’s a trip down memory lane circa 2015.

Bellingham Maternity Photographer
Homebirth and newborn sessions by Little Earthlig Photography.

Call Renee at 360-383-7889 or email littleearthling @ to book a session.

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