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Teeny, Tiny, Early, and Perfect: Odessa’s Birth.

Odessa's birth was fast and unexpected.
Odessa was born early, but she was absolutely perfect.

Birth rarely goes exactly as we plan and Odessa’s birth was no exception. Erica ended up needing to be induced a few weeks early. Baby Odessa was obviously ready to be born because labor kicked in fast.

I got a call from Erica’s husband telling me that the nurses told him it would probably be “showtime” within 15 minutes.

“What do you mean by showtime?” I asked

“The baby will be here” was his response.

I immediately grabbed my bag and headed to the hospital and still missed the birth by a few minutes.

Tiny Odessa was born a few weeks early. Birth photography in Bellingham, WA

Odessa was snuggled up, close to her mom, enjoying a little skin-to-skin when I walked in the room.

Birth photography in Bellingham, WA by Renee Bergeron.
Despite being early and coming fast, Odessa was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Mom smiling minutes after a natural hospital birth. Bellingham birth photography by Little Earthling Photography.
Mom breastfeeds newborn just after birth. Bellingham birth photography;
Mom and dad with baby just after birth. Bellingham birth photography.
Midwife Kim Baur checks on baby and mom after birth. Birth photography Bellingham, WA
Nurse spoon feeding tiny newborn colostrum.

Because of Odessa’s tiny size the doctors wanted to make sure she got adequate colostrum. Erica was able to squeeze some out which they then spoon fed to Odessa.

nurse takes baby to examine after birth in Bellingham,  WA
Baby being examined by mom after birth.
Nurse lifting baby onto scale.
Nurse at the hospital weighing baby.
Tiny newborn baby just after birth.
Skinny baby after birth. Birth photography by Little Earthling Photography.
Newborn exam after birth in hospital.
Nursing clamping newborn's cord after delivery.
Tiny baby curled up just after birth.
Dad holding baby after birth. Little Earthling Photography.
Mom and dad snuggling with baby after birth.
Mom and dad cuddling baby after birth.

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!

One question I am often asked at consultations is what happens if I miss the birth? The answer is simple. I missed Odessa’s actual arrival, I was there to capture her first moments. In this case, I photograph just like any birth and deliver the photos and images as written in my contract.

If for some reason I were to miss a birth entirely (this has never happened) I will come and do Fresh 48 or newborn and family photos instead.

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