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Outdoor Family Photography with a Toddler

Blonde toddler smiling at camera during family photography session.

Family photography sessions can be stressful, especially with toddlers involved. I always try to help parents relax and let them know that oftentimes just going with the flow of the toddler or baby makes for the best photos.

Mom and Dad kissing toddler. Bellingham family photography by Renee Bergeron.

Family photos with toddlers can be challenging. The day we did these photos little O was just getting over a cold and feeling a little out of sorts. This family photography session was done at my home in my back yard. We live on 5-acres and have many beautiful photography spots.

When you just want a nice family photo but your toddler won't let go of his toy. Bellingham family photography by Renee Bergeron

O spotted my sons’ dump trucks and excavators during our session and decided he was here to PLAY. I let his parents know, it was just fine. Often times giving a toddler a toy or book will help them sit still longer and distract them from the fact that I am taking their picture.

Mom, dad, and toddler outdoors in Bellingham.
Outoodr family photo with toddler.
Toddler on dad's should while mom kisses him. Bellingham family photography by Little Earthling Photography.

It’s pretty clear that O loves his parents and they adore him!

Blond toddler look at camera. Little Earthling Photography Bellingham, WA.
Smiling toddler during outdoor family portrait session.
Blonde toddler blowing dandelion in outdoor portrait session. Renee Bergeron Bellingham, WA

Is it just me or does he look a wee bit like Prince George here?

You can check out O’s newborn session here and see him as a big brother here.

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