Bellingham Birth Photography

I am Bellingham Birth Photographer Renee Bergeron. I have photographed over 50 births here in Bellingham, Whatcom, and Skagit Counties.

Beautiful water birth at Bellingham Birth Center. Photos by Little Earthling Photography.

Birth Photography is important to me because the birth of your child truly is a once in a lifetime event. Birth is beautiful, challenging, intense, and life-changing. Many parents don’t remember the details of their birth story because it is such an emotional and all-consuming event.

My Philosophy As a Birth Photographer 

I have given birth to nine babies myself and I understand what a sacred, transforming event birth is. I try to capture the details, the moments (large and small), the memories of the day. I have only a few snapshots of my own babies’ births. I treasure these, but there are so many moments that were lost in the intensity of the moment.

Little Earthling Photography offers birth photography, maternity and newborn sessions.

At each birth I attend I try to capture mom and dad’s first reactions. Whether the baby enters a room full of tears, laughter, or silence, these details are part of his or her story.

Bellingham birth photographer Renee Bergeron captures the beauty of birth.

Tiny details that are soon forgotten. Babies begin changing as soon as they emerge from the womb. I am there to capture the baby as he or she is at birth.

Siblings at a homebirth in Bellingham
Older siblings love being present for the birth of the new baby.

I love it when siblings attend births. Their reactions are priceless. I love to capture the relationships between family members at birth.

After photographing dozens of births, I am an expert at reading the mood of the room and conforming. If the atmosphere is quiet and sacred, I will back into a corner and capture the birth from a distance. If the mood is upbeat and joyous, I may join in and be more talkative. Most importantly, I am here to serve you, the birthing mom, and family and friends and to deliver a photographic record of your baby’s birth story.

My Experience:

I have shot over 50 births in Whatcom and Skagit County. I have photographed births at the Bellingham Birth Center, Birthroots Birth Center, Mt. Vernon Birth Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Everett Hospital, and dozens of homebirths.

I have photographed c-sections, VBACs, natural, and medicated births. In 2018 I became the Associate Photographer for the Doulas of Bellingham.

Mt Vernon Birth Photographer, Renee Bergeron, captures Alilish's beautiful birth center birth.


I’ve been a professional photographer for 12 years, and I chose Renee to shoot my births. She is kind, artistic, and professional. One of my births ended up being really traumatic and scary. She was the only person I would want in a room when those situations arose. I’m grateful for the moments she captured, that I otherwise wouldn’t have remembered. 

– Julie H.


The next best thing I did with this pregnancy besides having my little girl is hire Renee for birth photography. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars. We purchased the full package of maternity, birth and newborn sessions. I knew I liked her esthetic when I hired her, but the results were beyond our dreams. The photos we have bring tears to people’s eyes- they are so beautiful and just…real. Renee is professional, kind, and fun to work with. My birth plan totally changed last minute (I planned for a birth center birth and ended up needing a c section). Not only was she totally calm and accommodating, she was reassuring as well. Without a doubt, we will be using her as our family photographer as our daughter grows up, and if we have another baby I’ll turn to her. 

-Katy G.

Renee was very professional. I didn’t even notice her while in labor, but she captured all the wonderful moments of our little one’s arrival. These birth portraits are priceless. Thank you, Renee! 

-Sarah V.

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