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Surprise Proposal on the Beach! Bellingham Engagement

Couple on the beach at boulevard park at sunset

The only thing more fun than photographing a couple in love is photographing a surprise proposal on the beach at sunset. Keep scrolling to see exactly how this love story unfolded.

Couple at boulevard park

Reliving Their First Date

Enoch and Emma decided to recreate their first date which included skipping rocks at Boulevard Park and eating at La Fiamma.

couple under the dock at boulevard park
couple with masks in resturant eating pizza
Couple wearing masks in resturant while staring at their phones

This photo was completely posed. I asked them to put on their masks and stare at their phones, because what could be more 2021 than that? They had a great sense of humor and obliged.

Couple eating pizza at La Fiamma in Bellingham

The Secret Plan

What Emma didn’t know, was Enoch was planning to propose later that night. So after walk through Boulevard Park, skipping stones, and an early dinner, Enoch and Emma changed into nicer clothes so we could take some more formal photos for their six-month anniversary.

Couple on the beach posing for photos. Bellingham photographer Renee Bergeron

Enoch wanted his surprise proposal photos to be taken at sunset, so cold as it was, we did a few pictures while we waited for the sun to go down.

Sillouette of couple on the beach at boulevard park. engagement photos
Couple on the beach at boulevard park at sunset

Code Words

Enoch and I had come up with a code phrase. When I decided the lighting was just right, I was to say, “The lighting is perfect! These are going to be amazing”. It was a two-part code because I could easily accidentally say either of those…and let me tell you, I was nervous the entire time that I would say the code words at the wrong time. Somehow, I managed to avoid saying either of those…mainly by not saying anything at all.

Man in a suit proposes to his girlfriend on a beach. Bellingham engagement.
Surprise proposal on the beach at boulevard park in Bellingham

As you can see, Emma was completely surprised. She had no idea he was going to propose that night.

Couple kissing on a beach at sunset. boulevard park engagement photos.

Thankfully, through her tears of suprise and joy she said, yes.

Couple snuggling on the beach at sunset.
Enoch and Emma smiling at the camera after the surpise proposal
Newly engaged couple holding hands on the beach.
Photos after a surprise engagement at Boulevard Park.
Couple at sunset making heart with their hands.

To read the story about how Enoch and Emma met and fell in love, and how an EMT uniform was an important part of their story, over to Enoch & Emma: A Love Story.

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