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The Superhero Project {Cameron}

{The Superhero Project sessions are sessions designed for special needs children. These sessions are done free of charge to families. My hope is that we can spread awareness about special needs, while giving encouragement to families through the gift of professional photography.}superhero-project-cameron-1231

Cam is a sweet and loving 4 year old. He has many delays in speech and motor development, well as sensory issues. Despite all of the challenges that he faces, he is a happy and friendly boy, who loves cars (especially Lightning McQueen), his mom and dad, and idolizes his big sister Emily.  Although it isn’t always the easiest to parent him, it is very easy to love him. He is continually teaching me and making me grow into a better and stronger person.cameron-superhero-3superhero-cameron-1Emily is a Super Sister to her little brother, Cameron. superhero-cameron-2 superhero-cameron-4To see more of The Superhero Project, please check out my Superhero Project page. If you like the  photos, please share! You can also find The Superhero Project on Facebook.


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