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Urban Milestone Session: Playtime, a Haircut, and Ice Cream

Toddler getting haircut at Sandalwood Salon in downtown Bellingham

Urban Milestone Session in Downtown Bellingham

It’s no secret that birth photography is my passion. Second, to that, I love getting to watch my tiny clients grow up! I have been photographing Erin since before she was born. I photographed her birth, did her 100 Day photos, six-month photos, her nine-month photos, and most recently, a fun urban milestone session.

[Sadly, I missed her one-year session because I was in New Zealand photographing the birth of my grandson, Montgomery!]

A Morning at the FIG

Erin enjoys playing at a local children's museum. Urban milestone sessions lets me capture your family's favorite hang-outs.

Erin’s mom, Lesley, wanted her haircut captured, and we decided to meet at the Family Interactive Gallery before her appointment to get some photos of Erin playing at one of her favorite places. And let’s be honest…to get some of her toddler wiggles out!

Erin's urban milestone session took place in downtown Bellingham.

It was so much fun to follow chase Erin through the museum. This is one very busy and determined toddler! She paid exactly zero attention to me and kept busy moving from room to room with determination and purpose. This girl is going places!

Loaded up and headed for a fresh haircut!
Urban baby, Erin, headed out for a haircut.

Once it was time to leave, we headed for a chilly but pleasant walk to the hair salon.

Leaving the FIG in Bellingham to head out for a haircut.

Hey, Renee, do you ever feel like a stalker when you take photos like this? Nope! Candid, documentary-style photos will always be my favorite.

Erin getting read for her haircut. Little Earthling Photography.

After Erin was strapped in her stroller, Leslie and walked to Sandalwood Salon and Spa for Erin’s appointment.

Next Stop: Sandalwood Salon

Erin was so very patient during her haircut.
Toddler getting haircut at Sandalwood Salon and Spa. Little Earthling Photography.
Toddler getting haircut at Sandalwood Salon in downtown Bellingham

Erin was amazingly patient throughout her haircut and the staff at Sandalwood Salon was amazing! They treated Erin with dignity and respect during the entire experience.

The staff at Sandalwood was so patient with Erin during our urban milestone session.  Little Earthling Photography.
Urban milestone session with LIttle Earthling Photography.
Erin was shocked by the hair dry. Her expression was priceless!
Urban lifestyle photo session in downtown Bellingham.

Erin was absolutely shocked by the hairdryer. This was the expression she gave her mom when the hairdresser started using it. It was such a genuine look of surprise that we all burst out laughing.

Erin experiencing the hairdryer.

Erin’s subtle way of saying, “no thank you”.

Toddler looking in mirror during haircut.
Toddler getting haircut Sandalwood Salon downtown Bellingham.

All done and ready for ICE CREAM!

Ending our Milestone Session at Mallard Ice Cream

Mom and daughter enjoying  Mallard Ice Cream in downtown Bellingham. Urban milestone sessions are fun for everyone.

The three of us walked through the familiar drizzle of winter in Bellingham to Mallard Ice Cream, hands-down the best spot for delicious and unique ice cream flavors.

Mallard Ice Cream in downtown bellingham.
Busy toddler eating ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream.
Erin enjoying ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream during her urban milestone session.
Reading a book at Mallard Ice Cream.

Thank you, Erin and Lesley for letting me tag along on your morning in downtown Bellingham!

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